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5 Videos EVERY INSPIRING Model Needs To Watch

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As a photographer, I sometimes have a hard time with individuals who call themselves models, but never really MODEL…I also have come across some “models” who are not signed who have worse attitudes than those models who ARE signed and WORKING. I feel the need to show these videos of some of my FAVORITE short clips of working supermodels doing a GREAT job of portraying a character in front of the lens.

5.) Naomi Campbell for W Magazine (by Steven Klein)

There is a reason she is iconic, and this clip shows her knowing that the fabric is the star and she is the seller of it…She moves around to show the movement of the clothing itself, all the while looking beautiful doing it.

4.) Jourdan Dunn and Lily Donaldson in “Fantasia” (shot by Nick Knight)

This was one of the first clips i’ve seen that made me change my whole style of shooting and directing all together…The fact that they free-formed the entire shoot, made the whole experience that much more rich, and it looked like fun. I loved the fact that the Afro-Cubano music they used was also fantasia, which is a term that signifies a sense of free-form and freestyling taking place.

3.) Gisele Bündchen for Vogue Korea (Shot by Nino Muñoz)

There is a reason why Gisele is the #1 supermodel in the world, and she proves it with this short and sweet clip full of hair flipping and constant moving….

2.) Agyness Deyn for the CFDA Awards (shot by Nick Knight)

No words necessary, but Agyness has pushed her way to icon status with her own style and personality and this shows it COMPLETELY….every pose is gorgeous (My favorite is Proenza Schouler.)

1.) Mary Kate Olsen for Nylon Magazine

This showcases the ability of emoting, from your head to your feet, and she did a great job with this…one of my favorite videos.

COCO ROCHA making love to the Camera…..enough said


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June 19, 2010 at 3:02 am

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