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The “Judith” Syndrome

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I am a big fan of the rock group, A Perfect Circle, specifically their first two albums Mers de Noms and The Thirteenth Step (easily my favorite album by them) They are sort of under the radar but really respected (they are a subgroup from the megagroup Tool) but anyway Maynard James Keenan, the lead frontman of A Perfect Circle, on the album Mer de Noms (literally meaning “Sea of Names” in French), created this song “Judith” which is my second favorite song on the album (the first being “3 Libras”). However, what intrigued me besides the guitar licks and the drum solo, but moreso Maynard’s lyrics. The backstory of the album Mers de Noms is that every song was named about a person that Maynard actually knew. “Judith” was about Maynard’s mother. She was a very religious woman who suffered from Cancer for roughly 10,000 days (thus the name of Tool’s album of the same name) or roughly 27-28 years. This in turn left her paralyzed, and yet she still kept her faith in God. Maynard questioned her reasons for doing so, when he ultimately let her die, by saying things that she was ultimately free of sin, not killing anyone or rebuking God in general, and yet many people who did do evil were able to roam free, while those who were innocent died.
He eventually blamed God for letting her die. It’s a very powerful song, which led me thinking over the years about my own ties to religion, and the ways in which good people tend to die, or evil individuals tend to go free without punishment. I ultimately sucked it up to my upbringings in religion, believing that there is a place that is better for us in “heaven”, while the earth will be left to the spawn of Satan. But this led me to question my faith in Christianity, in which people warped the religion to something that is ultimately untrue to the teachings of God. You then have many bible beaters who pick and choose passages to argue their points, taking them out of context. This led to many of the hardships of discrimination we face today, be it race, class, and sexual orientation choices. This is reason why I converted (or what i call “reverted”) to Islam, in the sense that many of the teachings within Christianity are true, but it is simply unfinished, in which the Qu’Ran makes sense of things I couldn’t being a Christian. However, I find things that other followers of Islam do that i find conflict in. I have been told that tattooing is harem (and since my last i said i would not get anymore, because i wanted to be a true Muslim), but i also saw people who were born into Islam who have tattoos, and it makes me wonder, how much is truly harem.
I also have a lot of things that Maynard felt with his mother that i feel with my own “father”. He is currently in Prison, and is probably one of the most complex people I have ever met. It strikes me so odd that he is so devoted to his religion, yet he is still confound to doing crime. Alot of things that are considered sins to Allah t’allah, such as drinking, and also participating in sexual relations with men. Not to mention that he does white collar crimes (which is usually what he gets caught on, but if he does Blue collar, it’s usually in a Robin Hood manner, in order to feed himself..) He knows how i felt about craft, so he never let me privy to him doing it….in fact i remember last summer he didnt want to tell me he was gonna go back to writing checks because he couldn’t stand being in his cell (what he called the halfway house) waiting for a mild 100-200 dollars to roll in every other week…but i understand why he does it…and after more knowledge from his mouth about his experience, i realize that even more….IU also realize that Allah is oft-merciful and oft-forgiving, so hopefully, he gives him the strength to do what he NEEDS to do when he gets out…
that’s it for now…

Written by danielwarhol

June 15, 2010 at 8:37 pm

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